Charcoal Portrait

Since I didn’t want to draw myself anymore, I’ve started practicing portrait drawing from photographs. This old Japanese guy really fascinated me. He must be a monk or something…

2015-12-02 12.48.32

Here’s how I got there:

2015-11-26 11.01.50 2015-11-26 13.13.28

The hair and beard were the last thing I added – with an eraser! And it took about two hours!

4 thoughts on “Charcoal Portrait

  1. Nadia

    This is fantastic Anya!

    • gizmalley

      Hey Nadia! Thanks so much! Hope you’re doing fine! :-)

  2. Tracey

    Dear Anya,

    Man, you are so incredibly talented!! The blogsite looks fabulous! And I love the quilts and the zentangle motifs they have!


    • gizmalley

      Thanks, sweet lady! :-)

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