“Life-Long-Budo” Sweater

I’ve just been to Japan where I attended a week-long Karate training course. As always, there was a t-shirt and I usually looove these shirts. But this time it was made of some sort of synthetic material that was just a complete “no way” to me.

So what to do? Throw it away? Give it away? Of course! Change it!! One can never have enough hoodies, right? Especially in Germany, where the summer so far has been the most miserable I can remember…

So here’s what I made of it:

Budo5 Budo3

Budo2 Budo1

I cut the t-shirt apart and appliquéd the parts I liked onto the fabric for the sweater.

The Kanji on the front say “shougai budo”, which means life-long budo (martial arts). The little red symbol is “kenkon”, heaven and earth, hard and soft.

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