Practice, practice, practice

I recently watched the portrait workshop with Pastel Artist Alain Picard on Artistsnetwork and was really inspired by his technique.

Instead of first drawing the features, he begins by filling the entire space with paint. He paints an oval for the face, does the background and the hair – and then starts modeling the face. The features are added last when they can easily be placed.

Though it looks easy in the video, it quickly became clear to me that this will only work, if you have a lot of experience drawing the proper proportions and shapes of the face. So how do I get that experience? By drawing, of course! Faces, faces, faces…

Drawings by Anya Lothrop

So I’m drawing faces. 2 minutes to 10 or 12 minutes. I want to go shorter next time, though.

A great tool for this is the webseite Line of Action. Here you can find hundreds of poses, faces, hands and feet, as well as animals for gesture drawing. You can decide how long you want to see each image or chose class mode, with poses ranging from 30 seconds to 25 minutes. Fantastic!!

Drawings by Anya Lothrop Drawings by Anya Lothrop

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