About me

My name is Anya Lothrop (but you can call me Gizmalley). I’m an artist, a mother, a world traveler, karate black belt, author of three books and a Cerfified Zentangle Teacher. I live with my family in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany.

I love to be creative. Sometimes I wish the day had 48 hours, as there just isn’t nearly enough time to do all the great things I want to do! So yes, my days are just packed.(And yes, I love Calvin and Hobbes.)

If you are interested in my books or Zentangle, take a look at my other Website: Tangle Germany.

My books:

Zentangle Art Therapy by Anya Lothrop Cursus Zentangle Anya Lothrop


How the name Gizmalley came to be:
A long time ago I had a cat named Gizmo. Gizmo liked it, when I sang to her (Paka – the cat I had in Cameroon – on the other hand would start yowling whenever I would sing). Anyhow, does anyone remember the movie Aristocats? Well, that movie has a cat named O’Malley. And he hast a great song: O’Malley the Alleycat. Somehow this became the song I’d sing to Gizmo – only I changed it to Gizmalley the Alleycat. The rest is history… 😉